Laserfiche Connector - Failed to connect to database

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After installing, "Send with OneSpan" is visible via Webclient on the "Custom Actions" & elispis tab.

When clicked, "Something went wrong" displays after 15 seconds.

The Event Viewer (Application) shows the error "Failed to connect to database"
The Event Viewer (Laserfiche/WebClient/Server/Operational) shows the error
                                                                                        "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

I confirmed the WebAccessConfig.xml was updated with the OneSpan settings:

    <OSSCredential UserId="xxxx" Password="zzzzz" ApiKey="" Environment="US_1_Sandbox" />
    <LFCredential UserId="testOneSpanAccount" Password="xxxxx" ServerName="TEST" RepositoryName="TEST" />
    <MSSQLServerCredential UserId="xxxxx Password="xxxxx" DataSourceName="OneSpanSQLClient" DatabaseName="OSSInfo" />
    <LFWorkflowConfiguration ServerName="localhost" Port="8085" />

Environment: Laserfiche 10.4.1 on Windows Server 2019.
Windows 64-bit ODBC driver using the ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server  - Test Connection successful

Any help appreciated!

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Hi Chuck,

The integration uses a database to store transaction information. The database "OSSInfo" gets created during the installation process. 

Can you please make sure that, the database got created ? Please also make sure that the machine with Laserfiche WebAccess can access the machine with the MSSQL server.  You can use telnet to confirm the connectivity between the servers. Example - telnet your_sqlserver_datasource_name port_number



Moshiur Reza

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Thanks for your suggestions.  All that was good but after trying different options on the ODBC driver, I was able to get it to work.

- Use the MS ODBC 64-bit Data Source - use System DSN tab - click Add
- Selected "SQL Server" for the driver
- Important:  Name it the same as the SQL server. 
     (I originally named it "OneSpanSQLClient" but this was the failure.  When I named the name of the ODBC Source the same name as the SQL server, it worked.)
- Selected "Use SQL authentication using a login ID and password entered by the user."

Once I made that change, it worked great!

Hope this helps someone out there!



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Glad to help. 

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