Laserfiche Connector - document doesn't attach

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I am having a problem with the Laserfiche Connector:

I select a document in LF then click "Send with OneSpan"

The document shows in the list of Documents on the Create New Transaction screen.

I add the sender's email, name, and signers then click Create.

The Transaction is created but doesn't show the document from that was on the screen previously - only the "Electronic Disclose" is showing on the screen - I have to manually attach the document that I selected in Laserfiche before I can proceed.

How do I get OneSpan/Laserfiche Connector to use the document that I selected? 

This also is a problem with using Workflow - the transaction is created but the specified document doesn't attach to the transaction.


Many Thanks.

Reply to: Laserfiche Connector - document doesn't attach

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Additional testing resolved the mystery.

Many documents are stored in Laserfiche in tiff format, which is not supported by OneSpan as a signing document.  So the selected document doesn't transfer to the OneSpan portal.

Feature request: display an error in Laserfiche client if trying to attach any non-acceptable document.


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