Duo_Liang submitted February 10 2019

This simple Apex class shows you how to use the Text Tag extraction feature with the Apex SDK. Inluded in the zip file is the PDF used for this example. 

To notice: some functions are extended from Apex SDK, so please copy paste all dependent functions when testing in your own code.


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It looks like something may have changed on this, as the ESignLiveAPIObjects.Data is different than the current OneSpanAPIObjects.Data. There is no field esl_docextract_type, only ese_document_texttag_extract_needed, which is a private member anyway.

TLDR, this code no longer works, and throws a 400 Bad Request error that no approvals were added to the package (when they should be added by the text extraction.

Please help!

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Hi mrobertson,


Sorry for the late reply! The easiest workaround is to contact support team and turn on the "always extract text tags". It's a package level setting, which is not part of the APEX SDK modelling.

Another solution is to modify the OneSpanAPIObjects.cls line 242 to:

public String esl_doc_extract_type;

And reference the attribute with:

data_x.esl_doc_extract_type= '1';

I believe this is the same as the old SDK modelling.


PS: Next time if you had any other questions, please don't hesitate to directly make a new post rather than reply to the code share thread.



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When I download the code sample I get an empty file.  Is it just me?


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