Use case scenario: OneSpan Identity Verification - ID verification transaction

Involved solutions:

  • OneSpan Identity Verification

About this scenario

This scenario simulates an ID verification using OneSpan Identity Verification with real data.

It uses a demo site designed for technical people who want to see how the technology works in a real world scenario.

Before you begin

We recommend that you start your transaction on your PC and then look for the email that was sent to run the OneSpan Identity Verification transaction on your mobile device. This allows you to view the verification and transaction summary reports on the PC, while still allowing the transaction to be run correctly on your mobile device.​

We recommend using the Google Chrome web browser​.

Walkthrough: ID verification using OneSpan Identity Verification

ID verification using OneSpan Identity Verification

  1. On the PC, sign in to the Community Portal and select the Identity Verification Evaluation tile on the Demos > Interactive page.
  2. Set up the transaction and your personal data:

    1. Select how to create the transaction.

      Each option differs in the verification providers used and the regions specific to that option. The options initiate different demo workflows allowing for multiple countries with different types of ID documents. For an overview about the countries and ID documents for each option, see UAT1, DEV1.

      Demo Verification. This option uses the same process, but most of the verification rules are disabled to allow you to go through the process more easily.

    2. Specify your country.

      This value automatically pre-selects your IP geolocation. If the selected value is incorrect, you can manually override it. The country must be set to the country of your ID used for validation.

    3. Enter your first and last name.

      This must match the name that is on your ID document used for validation.

      In some documents, the first name may contain a middle name or secondary name and sometimes also a prefix like Jr. or Sr. These must be entered in the First Name field as well.​

    4. If required, enter your date of birth.

      This information is required if your ID document used for validation contains your date of birth.

    5. Enter your email address.

      The email address can be used later to retrieve completed transactions.

    6. Enter your phone number.

      The mobile phone number is only used to send an SMS notification with the URL of the OneSpan Identity Verification transaction, and only if the link has been shortened. It is not used during the transaction verification.

    7. Click Submit.
  3. On the mobile device, the OneSpan Identity Verification transaction starts with a welcome page. Tap NEXT to begin.​

  4. Select the ID document to capture:​

    • Driver’s License. Depending on the workflow selected when creating the transaction, you will be asked for just the front side of the driver’s license or you will be requested for front and back side.​

    • National Identity Card. Here you are asked to provide a picture of both sides of the document.​

    • Passport. Here you are asked to provide a picture of the page that contains your photo.​

    ID Verification - Identity Verification screen

    ID verification – Identity Verification screen

  5. Capture a picture of the document.

    Depending on the option you selected in the previous step, you’ll either be asked to do this once or twice.​

    Make sure to line up the document inside the rounded square guidelines. The capture interface will automatically capture the picture when the application detects that the document is properly lined up and visible.

  6. Capture a picture of your face​.

    The self-portrait photo (selfie) taken in this step will be compared to your ID document if it contains a photo​.

    If the ID document does not have a photo, the selfie will be analyzed to determine whether the verification provider considers the selfie is legit, i.e. not a picture of a picture​. Depending on the workflow and the randomized liveness detection, you may be asked to smile or stop smiling after lining up your face in the guidelines on the app to verify the liveness of the selfie.

    ID Verification - Face Capture screen

    ID verification – Face Capture screen

Additional considerations

  • Every transaction ID is stored in your local web browser cache storage. This allows you to easily view previous transaction verifications and to download transaction summaries.​
  • If you launch a transaction from the launcher on a mobile device, you will only be able to see the verification or transaction summary reports locally on the mobile device, unless you use the OneSpan Identity Verification REST API to gather these reports directly.
  • The OneSpan Identity Verification Launcher allows you to retrieve a list and details of your transactions. To get a list of transactions run from your web browser, enter the email address used to create the transaction(s) and click Get Transactions.​
    • Verification results. Displays the results of the verification processes, after the ID document and face have been captured and submitted. Verification results are not available if the OneSpan Identity Verification transaction had any error before processing these components.​
    • Download your transaction summary report. Downloads the transaction summary PDF report after a transaction has been completed.​
    • Copy your transaction. This button is only available on PC devices. It copies the URL that can be used to start the OneSpan Identity Verification transaction.

      OneSpan Identity Verification transactions can only be used on a mobile device.​

    • Start your transaction. This button is only available on mobile devices. It immediately launches the OneSpan Identity Verification transaction. Transactions can only be started within 5 minutes after creation, afterward the button will automatically change to an expired tag.​

Next steps

If you want to know more about how to integrate OneSpan Identity Verification, sign up for the OneSpan Identity Verification API Rapid Proof of Concept.