Digipass GO 6

You can use the demo Digipass GO 6 virtual authenticator to generate Response-Only one-time password (OTP) values to be validated in demo applications to get familiar with this type of hardware authenticator.

The demo application must be initialized with demo authenticator data from a respectively prepared DIGIPASS export file (DPX). The DPX file is linked at the bottom of the site for download requirements.

The demo authenticator generates a time-based Response-Only OTP. This OTP will change approximately every 36 seconds.

To use the Digipass GO 6 demo authenticator

  1. Go to the demo authenticator website at https://gs.onespan.cloud/te-demotokens/.
  2. Switch to the GO6 page.
  3. Click the button of the virtual demo authenticator to generate a Response-Only OTP.