Overview of Intelligent Adaptive Authentication

OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication secures your web and mobile applications by analyzing vast and disparate data acquired through user actions and events. Based on this analysis, Intelligent Adaptive Authentication dynamically assesses which authentication and/or transaction security measures are appropriate for each unique user.

Intelligent Adaptive Authentication provides hosted solutions to test and build web and mobile applications for login and transaction signing flows.

Integration with Intelligent Adaptive Authentication is simple and extensible, as it will support future authentication technologies without the need to change anything in your integration code.

OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication uses a trusted device (e.g. a mobile phone using the OneSpan Mobile Security Suite Orchestration SDK) to provide strong multi-factor authentication whenever the risk associated with an action is high.

Intelligent Adaptive Authentication evaluates the risk related to a user request through vast data collected from the devices which is then scored with a sophisticated machine-learning engine. Depending on the risk, Intelligent Adaptive Authentication can dynamically adjust the user security requirements by requesting step-up authentication for higher risk transactions. Step-up authentication can involve various configurations of device-based, PIN-based, or fingerprint-based, or face recognition-based authentication as needed to fully secure transactions.

Intelligent Adaptive Authentication includes the following features:

Intelligent Adaptive Authentication is an integrated solution that incorporates the following components:

  • Risk management

    • Identify known/unknown devices
    • Utilize IP location
    • Machine learning scoring
    • Pre-configured business rules
    • Dynamic management of allow- and blocklists
    • Case management
    • Custom visualization reporting
    • Deep forensic analysis features
    • Utilize identifier tpp_ref for Open Banking Third Party Provider (TPP)
  • Authentication component

    • Multi-factor authentication assignment to users
    • Multi-factor authentication validation
    • Comprehensive life cycle management
    • Dashboard reporting
  • Secure messaging

    • End-to-end encryption of commands between server and trusted devices
  • Push Notification gateway

    • Clearly defined users across multiple Push Notification networks
  • Orchestration SDK

    • Execution of secure server commands
  • FIDO Server

    • Multi-factor authentication validation
Intelligent Adaptive Authentication overview

Intelligent Adaptive Authentication overview

Via the OneSpan Community Portal you can build your solution and test your integration using Intelligent Adaptive Authentication.

OneSpan Community Portal

This portal is the best way to learn about OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication. You register for and access Intelligent Adaptive Authentication via this portal, which also manages credentials to access the OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication sandbox environment.

The portal will guide you through integrating OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication in your environment in a few simple steps. It also provides a resource library with OneSpan product documentation and links to source code samples.

For instructions to register to the OneSpan Community Portal, see Getting started with Intelligent Adaptive Authentication: setting up the sandbox.

Intelligent Adaptive Authentication sandbox

OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication offers you global services for hosted solutions through several types of deployments: sandbox, staging, and production.

As a developer, this sandbox allows you to test and integrate Intelligent Adaptive Authentication in your web application.

Via the OneSpan Community Portal you can also access useful resources and samples to integrate the OneSpan Orchestration SDK in your Trusted Device.

For instructions to sign up for a developer sandbox account, see Getting started with Intelligent Adaptive Authentication: setting up the sandbox.