Configuration of risk analysis rules to generate the ChallengeFIDO response code

As a prerequisite for setting up FIDO to work with OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication, involves establishing the communication between the OneSpan Trusted Identity platform API and the Risk Management component. This communication is handled via the ChallengeFIDO response code that can be enabled in the Risk Management component.

To enable ChallengeFIDO response code

  1. In Risk Analytics Presentation Service, from the DESIGN RULES & ACTIONS menu, select Rule Management.
  2. Create a Campaign.
  3. Create a Division.
  4. Create a Rule that uses Actions and Match Criteria.
  5. In the Response/Status pane, set ChallengeFIDO as the response code.

For more information about creating rulesClosed Rules are used to define sets of criteria to verify if an event (transaction and non-monetary event) matches any fraudulent behavior. If an event matches a previously defined rule, an alert can be raised. in the Risk Management component, see Design Rules and Actions.