Challenges of the Risk Management component

The trusted identity platform provides Intelligent Adaptive Authentication together with the Risk Management component that can challenge the user in multiple aspects during login, event validation, or transaction activities.

Risk Management component supports a number of different challenges.

Risk management challenges
Challenge name Challenge value Definition
Challenge 2 Simple authentication, i.e. static password.
ChallengeSMS 3 Simple authentication with SMS delivery, e.g. virtual OTP.
ChallengeDevice 4 Challenge with authenticator, hardware or software OTP without a second factor.
ChallengeDevice2FA 5 Challenge with authenticator and two factors, hardware OTP with static PIN, software OTP with PIN, biometric etc.
ChallengePush 6 Simple authentication using Push NotificationClosed Message that is pushed from a server to a user and is displayed on an end-user device, e.g. a mobile device. Push notifications are received by a particular app. This must be registered on the corresponding server to receive notifications. Notifications can be sent at any time, the users do not have to be actively using the app at that time..
ChallengePush2FA 7 Two-factor authentication using Push Notification.
ChallengeEmail 8 Simple authentication with email delivery, e.g. virtual OTP.
ChallengeVoice 13 Simple Authentication with delivery via voice call, using a virtual OTP.
ChallengeFIDO 14 Authentication using a FIDO-based authenticator.
ChallengeNoPin 21 Authentication without PIN from trusted device (using orchestration command).
ChallengePin 22 Authentication with PIN from trusted device (using orchestration command).
ChallengeFingerprint 23 Authentication with fingerprint from trusted device (using orchestration command).
ChallengeFaceReco 24 Authentication with face recognition from trusted device (using orchestration command).