TID Cloud Authentication TDS (Policy)

The following is an overview of the relevant default settings of cloud authentication and transaction data signing with Intelligent Adaptive Authentication.

TID Cloud Authentication TDS—Default parameter settings
Parameter name Default value Description
custom_request_body yes

Allow Custom Request Body

If true, all Secure Channel policy settings can be overwritten by providing a valid request body attribute in the request.

pn_msg_title Transaction Request

Message Title

The text that will be used as the title of push notificationsClosed Message that is pushed from a server to a user and is displayed on an end-user device, e.g. a mobile device. Push notifications are received by a particular app. This must be registered on the corresponding server to receive notifications. Notifications can be sent at any time, the users do not have to be actively using the app at that time. sent for authentication and signature operations.

pn_msg_subject Tap here to confirm transaction

Message Subject

The text that will be used as the subject of push notifications sent for authentication and signature operations.



Authentication Timeout

The time span in seconds during which authentication via a particular push notification message is possible, i.e. the time span between sending a push notification to a mobile device, and the response from the OneSpan Mobile Authenticator app. When the timeout period has elapsed, authentication using the push notification message will fail. This time span can be extended per tenant.

Possible values:

  • 0300