Use the Orchestration SDK to create a simple and robust mobile authenticator or embed it in your existing application. You can use additional SDKs to improve the user experience by extending or replacing the push notification usage by image scanning capacities!

Orchestration SDK

The Orchestration SDK component of the Intelligent Adaptive Authentication service integrates a long list of important security features in your mobile application with a minimum effort. A transparent risk evaluation done on the server side will drive your app to authenticate users smartly and securely.

You can use Orchestration SDK with different communication methods: network request, push notification and image scanning. Your client application only handles the communication of these secure commands shared with the server.

Orchestration SDK 5.2.0


Size: 34499228 bytes (32 MiB)

SHA256: C38CE25C63A17CCC2D076171104066D839DB42FF2E05B20E4FC8E29646477283


Image Generator SDK

Image Generator SDK is a server SDK, which generates standard black and white QR code and color QR code images from a string value.

Image Generator SDK 4.22.5


Size: 796020 bytes (777 KiB)

SHA256: 5AEEA5790A65AF497B223D88B23D754B9B44896CBA34A644C9F4AE85EE7E285D


Image Scanner SDK

Image Scanner SDK is a mobile SDK, which provides you with image scanning functionality to capture black and white QR code and color QR code images.

Image Scanner SDK 4.24.2


Size: 6406725 bytes (6256 KiB)

SHA256: 8A58C26B04C4F73C8B69F779F06D1308E686114FAD59C593BC5A83F8BF43B27E


Notification SDK

Notification SDK is a mobile SDK that enables you to send push notification messages to your mobile applications.

Notification SDK 4.27


Size: 25832001 bytes (24 MiB)

SHA256: 04A1EC2695600B1E276EB57E912881E3A55ED573E507926E9EC2484AB538A3C6


Utilities SDK

You must add the Utilities SDK to your projects to be able to use other mobile/server SDKs.

Utilities SDK 4.24.2


Size: 38702587 bytes (36 MiB)

SHA256: 7CCFBEA07F03FE955A5FB6E21BB0846C2C98A6B4A07DE3A5EA684B9E5F84108F