Use the Orchestration SDK to create a simple and robust mobile authenticator or embed it in your existing application. You can use additional SDKs to improve the user experience by extending or replacing the push notification usage by image scanning capacities!

Orchestration SDK

The Orchestration SDK component of the Intelligent Adaptive Authentication service integrates security features in your mobile application with minimal effort. A transparent risk evaluation on the server side will drive your app to authenticate users smartly and securely.

You can use Orchestration SDK with different communication methods: network request, push notification, and image scanning. Your client application only handles the communication of these secure commands shared with the server.

Orchestration SDK 5.5.1


Size: 39856053 bytes (38 MiB)

SHA256: 36152B066B3CCF95F77B32FD6A4EA15914AEBF667BF5342D318CEAF6D7699585


Image Generator SDK

Image Generator SDK is a server SDK, which generates standard black and white QR codes and color QR code images from string values.

Image Generator SDK 4.22.12


Size: 2198322 bytes (2146 KiB)

SHA256: 05204D2E8687D42CCB6B8D3820DB5F26E65DEA7C65DB81B48361D1D3BA6053C1


Image Scanner SDK

Image Scanner SDK is a mobile SDK, which provides you with image scanning functionality to capture black and white QR codes and color QR code images.

Image Scanner SDK 4.27.1


Size: 5176608 bytes (5055 KiB)

SHA256: 39D838EF7DE6A84F8258AA8701D0ED8E5468423C3A9B17A472EC3635DB5CD2A1


Notification SDK

Notification SDK is a mobile SDK that enables you to send push notification messages to your mobile applications.

Notification SDK 4.29.2


Size: 69635508 bytes (66 MiB)

SHA256: 7807D03964C8B6EA973AE57592D434CF76F4BDD8BCB9471FBBA70202AA3141C9


Utilities SDK

You must add the Utilities SDK to your projects to be able to use other mobile/server SDKs.

Utilities SDK 4.27.2


Size: 20767438 bytes (19 MiB)

SHA256: 132E460014249C70EE996A4B959AE91C2D14BB907A4098B5DCF7A6DAF737FE9E