Client Device Data Collector SDK

The Client Device Data Collector SDK (CDDC SDK) provides facilities to aggregate information from various mobile sources for risk evaluation of mobile transactions by OneSpan Risk AnalyticsClosed Fraud detection and management system. It identifies risk at critical steps, predicts risk levels, and takes action when suspicious activites are identified. It is a product for monitoring online banking applications and payment processing which helps to protect against online banking fraud.. To mitigate the risks associated with mobile transactions, the CDDC SDK retrieves contextual information, such as the device model and the current position from the client device, and uses it to create user behavior profiles.

CDDC SDK (Overview)

The CDDC SDK provides an API to aggregate the relevant client device information in RA-readable messages. Risk Analytics uses these CDDC messages to evaluate the risk of mobile transactions.

Collect client device data with the CDDC SDK

The OneSpan Mobile Security Suite Secure ChannelClosed Ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and non-repudiation of data exchanged between a client and a server. The data are encrypted and signed with a key changed during the activation process. The protected data are embedded in a Secure Channel message for the transport process. feature can be used to securely transfer the collected data from the client to the server to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and non-repudiation of the data. For more information about the Secure Channel feature, see Secure Channel or refer to the OneSpan Digipass SDK Integration Guide.

For more detailed information about the SDK and integration instructions, refer to the OneSpan Client Device Data Collector SDK Integration Guide included in the OneSpan Mobile Security Suite product package.