Image Generator SDK and Image Scanner SDK

The OneSpan Image Generator SDK generates standard black and white QR codesClosed Two-dimensional bar code composed of black modules that are arranged in a square grid on a white background. and Cronto imagesClosed Specific colorful cryptogram, similar to a QR code; used for visual transaction signing. from a string value.

The Image Scanner SDK provides a native component for a mobile application to integrate QR code and Cronto image capture.

QR code image

The QR Code image contains up to 4296 characters.

Cronto image

The Cronto image contains up to 1070 hexadecimal characters.

If the Cronto image is supposed to be scanned with a OneSpan device (e.g. Digipass 760, Digipass 780), the data must be limited to 200 hexadecimal characters. Specific APIs must be called to generate compatible Cronto images. For more information, refer to the OneSpan Image Generator SDK Integration Guide at Mobile Security Suite Integration Guides.

For more detailed information about each SDK and integration instructions, refer to the Image Generator SDK Integration Guide and the Image Scanner SDK Integration Guide at Mobile Security Suite Integration Guides.