Notification SDK

The Notification SDK provides facilities to send push notifications to mobile applications via Apple, Google, and Microsoft cloud notification services.

To activate the notification service, integrators need to configure their developer accounts as described in the Notification SDK Integration Guide before integrating the SDK.

Data transfer from server to mobile device (Push Notification)

Cloud notification service providers do not give a warranty for successful delivery of notifications to mobile devices.

The Notification SDK consists of the following components:

  • Notification SDK Client: to receive the notifications and obtain the unique identifier the server requires to send the notification to the intended application on the correct mobile device.
  • Notification SDK Server: used to send raw-data messages to the Notification SDK Client based on a previously received unique identifier.

On the client-side, the registration process is platform-dependent. On the server-side, you can send notifications with a simple function, independent of the target platform.

The Notification SDK is agnostic of the sent data. The size of the data is limited - these limitations are platform-specific:

  • Android: max. 2048 Bytes
  • iOS: max. 3072 Bytes

For more detailed information about the SDK and integration instructions, refer to the Notification SDK Integration Guide at Mobile Security Suite Integration Guides.