Secure Messaging SDK

The Secure Messaging SDK facilitates Secure Channel integration. It is divided into a server SDK and a client SDK.

The Secure Messaging SDK Server generates messages and converts raw data into a Secure ChannelClosed Ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and non-repudiation of data exchanged between a client and a server. The data are encrypted and signed with a key changed during the activation process. The protected data are embedded in a Secure Channel message for the transport process. message request body, before the data is encrypted by OneSpan Authentication Server FrameworkClosed API-based authentication platform that serves as back-end for Digipass strong authentication and e-signatures. or OneSpan Authentication ServerClosed A centralized authentication solution that offers strong authentication and validation of transaction signatures. It verifies authentication requests from individuals trying to access the corporate network or business applications.. (OneSpan Authentication Server Framework uses the AAL2GenMessageRequest function of the OneSpan Authentication Server Framework software version; OneSpan Authentication Server uses the SOAP signature interface command genRequest, where the request body is used as the SIGNFLD_REQUEST_BODY parameter of the command).

The Secure Messaging SDK Server can also forge messages for OneSpan Mobile Security Suite or for hardware devices such as Digipass 760 (Cronto image scanner) or Digipass GO 215 (Bluetooth device).

The Secure Messaging SDK Client decrypts message requests that are generated on the server-side by the Digipass SDK. The Secure Messaging SDK Client parses a secure message body, which is decrypted by the Digipass SDK and extracts the raw data sent by the server. The Digipass SDK creates and directly encrypts the information messages the client sends to the server. The Secure Messaging SDK is not used.

For more information about information message management with the Digipass SDK, refer to the OneSpan Digipass SDK Integration Guide.

Transaction message transfer with the Secure Messaging SDK

The secure messaging feature is independent of the media used to transfer the message from the server to the client.

For more detailed information about the SDK and integration instructions, refer to the OneSpan Secure Messaging SDK Client Integration Guide and the OneSpan Secure Messaging SDK Server Integration Guide included in the OneSpan Mobile Security Suite product package.