Secure Storage SDK

The Secure Storage SDK provides a generic API to securely store data on a mobile device and mask how information is stored on the platform. It provides storage facilities to read, write, or delete storage and to add, get, or remove data.

The SDK can create one or more independent storages, identified by their names. Data read from or written to the storage is handled through unique identifiers. For more information about obtaining platform-unique data, see Device Binding SDK.

You can protect the storage with secure hardware to set up very strong binding between the storage and the mobile device. Supported secure hardware processors or processor areas are for example Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) or Secure Element (SE) on Android, and Secure Enclave on iOS.

For more detailed information about the SDK and integration instructions, refer to the OneSpan Secure Storage SDK Integration Guide included in the OneSpan Mobile Security Suite product package.