Last modified: 2024-04-12

Configuring SAML on Your OneSpan Sign Account

To configure SAML on your OneSpan Sign account:

  1. If you are a "sender" (a member of a OneSpan Sign account) or a "recipient" (not a member of a OneSpan Sign account), complete the configuration of your Identity Provider, and gather the following information:
    • The email address of the OneSpan Sign account on which SSO will be configured
    • The Identity Provider's Entity ID
    • The Identity Provider's Public Certificate
    • The Identity Provider's URL
    • The Identity Provider's metadata — This will be a SAML metadata URL, or a metadata XML file. OneSpan Sign supports importing metadata from an XML file to accommodate organizations whose Identity Provider's SAML metadata is not exposed on the web due to security concerns.
  2. Contact our Support Team, and give them the Identity Provider information gathered in the previous step.
  3. Our Support Team will give you up-to-date configuration information that includes:
  4. Use the information from the previous step to reconfigure your Identity Provider.
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