Corporate banking factors

The OneSpan Risk Analytics Decision Analytics Server provides pre-defined factors which are used by the server to score transactions and events. You can use these factors also to set up rules based on the factor values. To start with the Decision Analytics Server, review the alerts raised by Risk Analytics Decision Engine and collect the factors computed for each transaction and event.

Reviewing the alerts allows you to classify the fraudulent transactions or events the OneSpan Risk Analytics Presentation Service Risk & Relationship Management feature provides. With the classified data, OneSpan will be able to train a supervised Decision Analytics model and replace the non-supervised default model. The supervised Decision Analytics model will provide more accurate scores, thus minimizing the number of false positive alerts.

The OneSpan Risk Analytics corporate banking template provides several machine learning models adapted for each kind of event, i.e. whether the event occurs via browser or mobile, and if the event is monetary or non-monetary.

To train the Decision Analytics model, factors must be exported from the Report page, using the OneSpan Risk Analytics Presentation Service Audit & Report feature.

To export factors with OneSpan Risk Analytics Presentation Service

  1. Launch OneSpan Risk Analytics Presentation Service and navigate to AUDIT & REPORT > Reports.

  2. In the Options menu, select CorpBankingFactors from the Model list.

  3. From the Entities menu, select the LV_BROWSER_NME_CORP_FACTORS check box to include all columns for exporting non-monetary event factors, and click Add columns.

  4. Click Run and Export and save the downloaded file.
  5. Reload the page to reinitialize your selection.

  6. Repeat all the previous steps for

    • LV_BROWSER_TXN_CORP_FACTORS to export the monetary web event factors
    • LV_MOBILE_NME_CORP_FACTORS to export the non-monetary mobile event factors
    • LV_MOBILE_TXN_CORP_FACTORS to export the monetary mobile event factors.