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Hi , I am posting below JSON, but its returning 1006 error code and the server repsonse is : Server returned HTTP response code: 400 for URL: ************************************************************************** JSON START**************************************** { "trashed":"true", "documents":[ { "extract":"true", "name":"SmartApp_en_100000876", "approvals":[ { "fields":[ { "name":"RepPropIns1Sign", "extract":"true" }, { "name":"DateRepPropIns1", "extract":"true", "type":"INPUT", "subtype":"LABEL", "value":"05/16/2019" } ], "role":"SIGNER_510127" }, { "fields":[ { "name":"AuthPropIns1Sign", "extract":"true" }, { "name":"DateAuthPropIns1", "extract":"true", "type":"INPUT", "subtype":"LABEL", "value":"05/16/2019" } ], "role":"SIGNER_510127" }, { "fields":[ { "name":"RepPropOwn1Sign", "extract":"true" }, { "name":"DateRepPropOwn1", "extract":"true", "type":"INPUT", "subtype":"LABEL", "value":"05/16/2019" } ], "role":"SIGNER_510127" } ] } ], "roles":[ { "id":"SIGNER_510127", "signers":[ { "email":"[email protected]", "firstName":"abc", "id":"SIGNER_510127", "lastName":"xyz", "auth":{ "challenges":[ { "maskInput":"false", "answer":"testing" } ], "scheme":"CHALLENGE" } } ] } ], "status":"SENT", "name":"Cooperators eSign Package", "type":"PACKAGE", "userName":"eBix", "userPwd":"3F16xxxxxxx7B5", "settings":{ "ceremony":{ "events":{ "complete":{ "dialog":"true" } } } } } *************************************JSON END************************************** Thanks, Sai

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Hey Sai, For the first glance, I noticed that your JSON includes a "trash:true", could you try removing the trash node from the JSON? For a further investigation, you could parse the error message along with the error code which provides us with more information regarding to your 400 error(below was an example, but not necessary to be the cause of your issue). Or simply you could use a HTTP traffic capture tool like Fiddler to help you do so.
    "messageKey": "error.validation.ada.notTaggedDocument",
    "message": "Documents uploaded to accessible transactions must be accessibility enabled.",
    "code": 400,
    "name": "Validation Error"
Hope this could help! Duo

Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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