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406 Error When Retrieving Attachment

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I have a method to Retrieve the attachment:

public async Task<byte[]> GetAttachmentContentAsync(string packageId, string attachmentId)


   // Validate the request parameter against a known fixed string or valid source of IP address
   if (!Uri.TryCreate($"packages/{packageId}/attachment/{attachmentId}", UriKind.Relative, out Uri uri))
       throw new ArgumentException("Invalid URI");

   var response = await _httpClient.GetAsync(uri);


   if (!response.IsSuccessStatusCode)
       throw new CriticalException($"Remote service returned error code {response.StatusCode}" +
                                   $" with content {await response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync()}", response);

   return await response.Content.ReadAsByteArrayAsync();

When making calls to: 


I got 604 Not Acceptable.


However, getting other docs works just find (the code is remarkably similar as above)




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Hi Vinh Nguyen,


Thanks for your post! In short, can you try to use either "*/*" or "application/octet-stream" as accept header? Below is a quick example that works for me:


           string url = $"{API_URL}/packages/8L5qG0I5PU0pKct5s6zX8IEv-uY=/attachment/jaIW5qJGrfQT";

           HttpClient myClient = new HttpClient();
           myClient.DefaultRequestHeaders.Authorization = new AuthenticationHeaderValue("Basic", API_KEY);
           myClient.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add("Accept", "*/*");

           var attResponse = myClient.GetAsync(new Uri(url)).Result;
           ByteArrayContent content = new ByteArrayContent(attResponse.Content.ReadAsByteArrayAsync().Result);
           File.WriteAllBytes("..\\driver license.png", content.ReadAsByteArrayAsync().Result);
           Debug.WriteLine("Attachment Downloaded");




Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

Reply to: 406 Error When Retrieving Attachment

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It works, thanks alot.

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