Accessing a Package's Audit Info

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Sorry for all the different posts, but I thought it'd be better to have each question separately so they're easier to search. Another thing I'm going to need to use is to get the Audit information like in the evidence summary PDF I can download, only the listing of events from the SDK. How do I use the Audit Service to get this info with this SDK? KB

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Hey Kodey, No worries. To get the evidence summary through the SDK, you can use a method called getAudit() in the ESignLiveSDK class. It will return a base64 encoded string of the evidence summary that you can save in Salesforce as a PDF file. For an example of using this method, you can refer to the getAuditExample() method in the ESignLiveExamples class (line 220). Thanks! Rob Martinez hirekadence.com
Rob Martinez www.hirekadence.com

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