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I am dealing with a requirement that reads as follows: Customer must have an actual signature and not an ok box to click. 'Actual' in this case refers to a drawn (or typed) signature. Is there a good way to enable that for one of the signing roles sent up?

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Hey Trevor, If you want your signers to draw their signature, you will have to change the subtype to "CAPTURE" when adding your approvals. Something like:
  "role": "Signer1",
  "id": "signature1",
  "fields": [
      "top": 510,
      "left": 215,
      "width": 200,
      "height": 50,
      "page": 0,
      "type": "SIGNATURE",
      "subtype": "CAPTURE"
Haris Haidary OneSpan Technical Consultant

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