Adding Columns to the Transactions List

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In the Transactions List on the Live Site I only see 5 Columns listed Transaction name, Recipients, Last Updated, Status and Expiry Date Is it possible to add other Columns and make the sortable? For instance it would be very useful to use the "description" field to put in additional information about the Status of a Package. Also, is it possible to filter the Columns?


Reply to: Adding Columns to the Transactions List

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Hi there, Unfortunately, the "Ability to add field/column and customize the sender UI dashboard" is not available in OneSpan Sign Web Portal for the time being. It's already an Enhancement Request, but not yet on the road map. So what we can do is to create another ER or add you on the existing ticket so that it can accelerate the progress. One thing related to the transaction list that may interests you is, we recently enhanced the functionality of the search bar, now you can filter by transaction's name, description and signer's first/last name and email, which may also facilitate your user experience. Duo

Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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