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Hi Duo,


We have one scenario in which we have 2 salesforce orgs. For the first org we want to submit the pdf for signature using APEX SDK and in the another org we want to sign the pdf from Salesforce Community page using APEX SDK only.

We want to confirm that we can do this using the same OneSpan Account or we have to create 2 OneSpan accounts for user?

Can we register 2 salesforce orgs to single OneSpan Account?

Also, can you confirm singleUseSignerAuthToken method default expiry time can be removed. It should be valid all time.



Shashank Verma

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Hi Shashank Verma,


If you are doing APEX integration with your custom code + APEX SDK (vs leverage OneSpan Sign native SFDC connector), I don't think there's any problem connecting two orgs to one OSS account, and you will have to use the same API Key if creating and signing the same transaction.

In terms of the authentication token expiry, it's always valid for 30 minutes and can't be customized. For the link never expires, you'd use signing URL:

class OneSpanSDK

public String getSigningUrl(String packageId, String signerId)

Also refer to my blog for differences between signing url vs signing auth link.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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