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Good morning! Is there a method to retrieve the IP address of a signer via API or otherwise?

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Hi Peter,


You can consume below API which retrieves the signer's audit events:

GET /api/packages/{packageId}/audit

The response payload could look like below, which includes signer's IP address:


    "package-id": "52QCQpMRKdnxtN7XThnjrhCd0OY=",

    "audit-events": [


            "type": "Login",

            "date-time": "2022-07-05 17:53:35",

            "target": "EMAIL_LINK",

            "target-type": "AuthMethod",

            "user": "Duo Liang",

            "user-email": "[email protected]",

            "user-ip": "17x.2xx.xx.1xx",

            "data": ""







Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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