Application Authentication with callback url

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Hi There , I want to know about any provision of sending the authentication token to the callback generation rest api call so that once the callback happens , we may get that token back with the request. I know we can get callback key alongwith the request but my usecase is as below, Once i send the document with package from my application which runs its own authentication session , i will set in-person signing true.Then i will generate token with any signer and get the access session which opens up the signing url for in-person signing . Now once i sign the document for which i have set the callback notification , i get the request payload but i also want to get my session token alongwith it which will different for different users of my application .i.e while doing this process from any app login , i want to send my login token and get it back with the callback url so that i can mark changes in my application for which i need to get the token back for the user who carried this process. I hope you understand my point , pleas help me on this,

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Hi Kartik, For now, there's no method to customize each callback notification for different urls or keys. But there do have some workarounds for your use case: #1. you can store your own authentication session info into the package attribute, guide here. When your callback handler received the payload, you'll also receive the package ID, then you can retrieve your stored data by SDK call. #2. still, if you are embedding in-person signing ceremony into an iFrame, you can use front-end notifier instead. It's a post message from child window directly sending to your parent window so that you don't need to reply on OneSpan Sign sending notification to you. Your front-end page can directly handle the status change and take control of the process. Refer to this documentation for more information, and you can find a sample code here. Hope this could help! Duo

Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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