Assigning Delegation for Expired Delegatee

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I have a situation where I set delegation to a sender using code that has worked in the past.  The indication was that the delegation was successful BUT it didn't work.  Looking in the UI I figured out that the users had used delegation before and it has expired.  when I reassigned delegationI need to update the expiration date.  What should I do to fix this Remove the delegation so when I assign the new one it won't have an expiration date OR assign the delegation with a new expiration date? (I'm not sure what will work and don't see how to update the expiration date)


I think the delegation was done using REST calls instead of of the .NET, which I could use if it makes for an easier solution.


Richard DeMello

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Hi Richard,


To extend the delegate's expiry date, an update call works:

PUT /api/account/delegates/{delegatee's sender id}



    "expiryDate": "2023-03-25T03:59:59.999Z",

    "id": "{delegate's sender id}"



Before OSS introduced the delegation expiration date, I believe the payload only includes a list of delegate's id, e.g. ["delegateSenderId1","delegateSenderId2", "delegateSenderId3"]


.NET sdk should also support this model change (example code here), the code should look like below:

Sender retrievedSender10 = ossClient.AccountService.GetSender("delegate's sender id");

DelegationUser delegationUser10 = DelegationUserBuilder.NewDelegationUser(retrievedSender10).WithExpiryDate(DateTime.Now.AddHours(1)).Build();

List<DelegationUser> delegates = new List<DelegationUser>();


ossClient.AccountService.updateDelegationWithDelegationUsers("delegatee's sender id", delegates);


Let me know how this works for you.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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