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For attachments that are uploaded, how can I get the file extension (PDF, jpg, tif, etc...)? I only see these attributes on OneSpanAPIOjbects.AttachmentRequirement:

   = data;
            this.description = description;
   = id;
   = name;
            this.required = required;
            this.comment = comment;
            this.status = status;

I am saving the document to a ContentVersion and we have been setting:

            ContentVersion.PathOnClient = documentName + '.pdf'

I need to make this dynamic with attachments.

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Hi Peter,


You can extend the API object in below way:

    public class AttachmentRequirement
        public string name {get;set;}
        public string description {get;set;}
        public string status {get;set;}
        public string id {get;set;}
        public string comment {get;set;}
        public boolean required {get;set;}
        public List<AttachmentFile> files {get;set;} 

   public class AttachmentFile
        public Long id {get;set;}
        public Long insertDate {get;set;}
        public string name {get;set;}
        public Boolean preview {get;set;}    


In real practice, if the file.size() > 1, the downloaded file is a zip file. There's a package/account level setting "maxAttachmentFiles" where you can force signers to upload a single file per attachment requirement:

  "settings": {
    "ceremony": {
      "maxAttachmentFiles": 1


And if the AttachmentRequirement.status == 'COMPLETE' && file.size() == 1, you can retrieve the uploaded file's extension by:'.'))


On top of that, you can also limit the allowed uploaded file type, it's documented in this dev blog:



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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