Attachment Upload Date by API

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Hi team, We have a client who's asking whether there's a way to get when an attachment is uploaded, using API? It seems not in the transaction payload. Thanks in advance!

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Hi there, Yes, as you said, attachment info is not part of the package metadata. But the upload history is recorded by the audit trail, that's also how you can retrieve the related data. Refer to our Audit Service guide for detailed information. Below JSON is an example of what they can get regarding attachment upload, the event is with a type of "Upload File Attachment", client can loop through all audit events and filter by this keyword, upload date is right there.
           "type": "Upload File Attachment",
           "date-time": "2018-08-31 13:06:28",
           "target": "driving license",
           "target-type": "Document",
           "user": "1.firstname 1.lastname",
           "user-email": "[email protected]",
           "user-ip": "",
           "data": null
Hope this could help! Duo

Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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