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Hi, We've a scenario where in we are using the Fast Track feature. The Fast Track template has one document that is signed by two signers. The fast track signing url is for vendors to sign on the document and upload supporting documents. signer1 (vendor) uses the Signing Url to access the package and sign. The Signer1 also uploads the required documents signer2 signs after signer1 (we've enabled workflow) but is required to review the attachments that signer1 uploaded and then sign / reject We've observed that the signer2 is not able to view the attachments that signer1 has uploaded. Is it possible for signer2 to have access to the documents uploaded by signer1? thanks Neel

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Hi Neel, Within eSignLive, attachments are not visible between signers. Only the package sender can view attachments. What I can suggest is to make attachments available to the second signer in your application (outside of eSignLive). For example, you can create a button that downloads the attachment of signer 1:
Haris Haidary OneSpan Technical Consultant

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Hi Haris,

Any update/enhancement on Product to view Attachment (supported documents) while signing the document itself?


Signer-1 signs the document and attaches the supporting docs.

Signer-2 needs to review/verify the supporting doc (from Signer-1) and then only signed the document.


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