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I have implemented the designer onespan iframe into our system. I am using laravel for doing this.  My question is regarding the sender authentication code which is a single use ? How can we implement creating a package and use the sender authentication code so that when the use clicks on a button it directly redirects them to the onespan designer iframe where he can add documents and procedd forward ? 


I got confused on creating a package and generate a sender authentication code in a single click so that the user can start from uploadng document section of onespan inside an iframe ? 



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Hi Bikram,


For the sender authentication token, yes it's single-use. Namely, you'll need to request a new sender authentication token every time the sender needs to open the designer page.

I think I have a blog with code examples which is similar to what you are describing:

OneSpan Sign Developer: Designer Customization and Integration – Part 3

The only difference is that I was not storing the package ID in the code and everytime a new package will be created.




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