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I have placed a signing date tag the top of my document. The document essentially reads "this is effective as of {{esl:Signer1:SigningDate}}." When we open the signing ceremony this is blank and just leave a large space in between the words and is leading to confusion. With docusign and other tools the date would be prepopulated already like in the screenshot I've attached. Is this possible with OneSpan?

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Hi Neal,


Thank you for your post! The signing date is linked to a signature field, and its value corresponds to the timestamp when the signer either clicked to sign or captured the signature. Consequently, I believe it is by designed that the signing date value will remain empty until the signer clicked to sign.

Furthermore, we can definitely submits an enhancement request for this specific improvement to enhance the signer experience.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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Understood will do Duo thanks!

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