Automatic Signer Progression when using In-Person option?

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Hello, We have tried several angles at achieving this using both the REST API and the .NET SDK but have so far not had any luck. We are attempting to implement a process that must happen in-person and would look something like this: Actors: - Salesperson (not a signer) - Primary Signer (signer) - Secondary Signer (signer) Functional Sequence of Events: 1. Salesperson is running a kiosk and attempting to sell a product 2. Primary Signer and Secondary Signer walk up and decide they would like to apply 3. Using an iPad provided by Salesperson, Primary Signer enters their details into a web application our team created 4. After all information is entered, the application backend uses the eSignLive APIs to create a signing package with a single document where both Primary and Secondary signers are required to sign (in that order) 5. The application backend starts a session into the signing package and redirects the iPad's browser into the signing process on eSignLive 6. Primary Signer reviews the document and then signs 7. The initial in-person affadavit screen pops asking the Primary Signer to agree to hand over control to Secondary Signer 8. The second in-person affadavit screen pops asking Secondary Signer to confirm they have taken control 9. Secondary signer reviews the document and signs 10. ... process is completed ... the rest of the steps are out scope for this question Unfortunately, when we try to integrate to achieve this, it appears there is no way to have an automatic progression through the signers like this. Additionally, it appears that if we start an in person session as the sender (Salesperson) it shows the document to the sender even though they are not a signer and then expects that person to select the first signer (Primary Signer). Ideally, we would like the sender view to be skipped and for the process to behave as described above where it starts right in with the Primary Signer and moves on from there. Out backup plan here is to create separate sessions, first for Primary Signer and then for Secondary Signer and manage the automatic progression ourselves, but we would first like to confirm that there is no way to achieve this using eSignLive only. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi Ron, You can definitely achieve that in esignlive. Essentially what you'll be looking to do is the following: 1. After you've grabbed the form information, and created your transaction, you'll need to create a signing session for the Primary signer. You can achieve this by creating a signer authentication token ( and building the following URL:{signerAuthToken} to embed in your iframe. This will ensure that after the information has been entered in your application, the signing session will be opened to the Primary signer and not the sender. 2. Then you can use the eSignLive Event Notifier ( to notify your application when the Primary Signer has signed. The Event Notifier sends notifications to the parent host application. Hence when you get this notification, it's your queue to create a signer authentication token for the Secondary signer and build the same URL above and update the src attribute of your iframe (i.e. create a signing session for the secondary signer) Doing the above steps removes the need all together to have the in-person signing feature enabled. Let me know if anything is unclear.
Haris Haidary OneSpan Technical Consultant

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