Bulk API using Apex SDK

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I want to understand the bulk API return value.


How can we use the returned value to retrieve all the transactions created by above API call? 

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Hi ishant.kesar,


A batch UID (typically in UUID format) will be returned by this API, which can be used to identify transactions created by this batch. This value will be stored at package JSON > "data" > "bulkSendBatchUid" 

Therefore, you should be able to retrieve the transactions if you follow below steps:

(1)Modify the APEX SDK class OneSpanAPIObjects.cls > line 238, internal class Data > add an additional attribute "String bulkSendBatchUid;"

(2)Retrieving a list of transactions by following this guide

(3)Loop through the returned transactions and filter by the ""



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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