Bulkifying Callout for Package Update APEX SDK

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Hey Team,

If we have more than 50 documents assigned to one signer and if the signer get changed in the middle of the signing process. Can we update all the 50 document signers with the single callout.

Can you please share the methods to bulkifying the reminder and signer changes for good number of documents to avoid reaching callout limits.



Shashank Verma

Reply to: Bulkifying Callout for Package Update APEX SDK

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Hi Shashank Verma,


First, as per this documentation:

  • The maximum size of a single document is 16 MB. Smaller documents yield better performance — we recommend under 5 MB per document.
  • OneSpan will not provide Technical Support for a transaction or transaction template that has more than 10 documents.

Hence, it could be good to be aware that a transaction with too many / too large sized documents could degrade the performance.

Back to your question, if it's a "recipient delegate their signature to another recipient" use case, you can directly leverage the out-of-the-box feature Change a recipient. After signing, evidence summary would show that the first part is signed by the first recipient and the second half is signed by the delegate.

If you meant to update the signer information and have the new signer sign from the scratch, you need to delete those partially signed documents, update the signer information and re-uploaded the deleted documents.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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