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Hi, is there a way to test the callback feature so that when there is a callback from ESL (example after the signing ceremony is completed), it calls my Dev running the webservice ? like http://localhost/api/eslListener/ ? Assuming: I've added the callback url as http://localhost/api/eslListener/ with the PACKAGE_COMPLETE Event ENABLED ?

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Hi, In order to test callbacks, eSignLive needs to be able to communicate to your endpoint URL. Your localhost server on its own will not work as it not accessible. You will need to use for example ngrok. It's a handy tool that allows you tunnel requests from the wide open Internet to your local machine (i.e. mimicking a live application). Here's a few blogs on how to create callback listeners in different technologies: In each one, I use ngrok to test callbacks. Hope this helps.
Haris Haidary OneSpan Technical Consultant

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Exactly what I was looking for... didnt want to publish the actual service on a real server to debug! Thanks for the tip!

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