Can not add new documents to existing package(transaction)

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Hi Team, I use code to create packages, and when I go to the esign platform, I can not add new documents to the existing In Progress transaction. The code I'm using to create the package is PackageBuilder documentPackageBuilder = PackageBuilder.NewPackageNamed("Test Document Extraction") .WithSettings(DocumentPackageSettingsBuilder.NewDocumentPackageSettings() .WithoutOptOut() // .WithoutLanguageDropDown() .WithoutDecline() // .WithoutDocumentToolbarDownloadButton() .WithCeremonyLayoutSettings(CeremonyLayoutSettingsBuilder.NewCeremonyLayoutSettings() .WithoutSessionBar() )) .WithSigner(SignerBuilder.NewSignerWithEmail(signingPerson.GetValueOrDefault("Email")) .WithFirstName(signingPerson.GetValueOrDefault("FirstName", "")) .WithLastName(signingPerson.GetValueOrDefault("LastName", "")) // .WithSMSSentTo(signingPerson.GetValueOrDefault("Phone", "")) .WithCustomId("Client") .SigningOrder(1) ) .WithSigner(SignerBuilder.NewSignerWithEmail(icEmail) .WithFirstName(icFirstname) .WithLastName(icLastName) .WithCustomId("IC") .SigningOrder(2) ) .WithSigner(SignerBuilder.NewSignerWithEmail("[email protected]") .WithFirstName("ABC") .WithLastName("Compliance") .WithCustomId("ABCCompliance") .SigningOrder(3) ) .WithSigner(SignerBuilder.NewSignerWithEmail("[email protected]") .WithFirstName("ABC") .WithLastName("InvOps") .WithCustomId("ABCInvOps") .SigningOrder(4));

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Hi there, Were you trying to add documents to an "in-progress" transaction? If that's the case, it's not allowed to do so because it may cause conflict to some scenarios when the signer was signing at the same time when you were editing. So you can only change the status to "DRAFT" first, add documents and then send the package again. In this kind of workflow, the auto-sent email notification to signers may become a concern to you. Duo

Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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