Change Font Type used by Signer

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Is it possible to change the font type the signer uses when signing the document? I tried what I found in the documentation regarding the creation of the package


And basically added signature property in my signer object, to which I passed a font as described, however it had no effect.

Any example/suggestion/explanation would be more than helpful.

Thank you

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Hi Valentin,



Thanks for your post!

If you meant the font type of the signature stamp "E-SIGNED by $signer_name;$line_break;on $date;", I believe OneSpan Sign uses Arial for alphabetical languages by default. You can customize the font type by contacting our support team ([email protected]). Please be aware that this changes is at account level and will take effect for all transactions all signers.





Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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