Changing a Signer

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We are wondering if we are able to simulate the "CanChangeSigner" functionality using API/SDK calls after the signing process has started. Here is the process we're considering implementing at some point:

Package gets created via API/SDK defining 2 signers. The 2nd signer is marked as CanChangeSigner

Signer #1 signs the document

We receive a notification from OneSpan that they have signed. We send an email to Signer #2 with a link to our site.

A user follows the link and selects the user who is going to sign the doc from a list from our database

We perform the CanChangeSigner action and set Signer #2 to be the user which was selected

We notify the new signer #2 that they have been assigned the doc and they follow the normal process of signing the document.

Is this possible? I feel like I've read somewhere on your site that certain fields or functionality are locked after a signer has signed the document.

Thanks for your time

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Hi Alex,


Thanks for your post! Once a signer has completed signing (Signer #1 in your case),
-you can't change signer1's information

-all the signed documents are locked and you can't change the field designs

But if you just want to update the signer2's information, you can still do that without using the "Change Signer" function. You can run a quick test via UI where you edit the progressing transaction, update the signer2's information, resend the transaction and signer2 can follow the normal process and finish signing the transaction.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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