Changing Transaction Status to Draft

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Hi Duo, 

We are giving the user the option of changing the transaction status to draft once send to sign until the buyer signs the document. We are applying approvals without using the signature field for an agent who has the highest signing index. So all the approvals in the document are related to an agent, it goes to them first and they confirm it without signing it and than it goes to vendor and after that to purchaser. Lets say, agent approves it and vendor also signs the document. Now, at the time of purchaser signing, the transaction is changed to draft. What I have found is, the transaction is changed to draft but  because the agent has approved it and than the vendor has signed it, the draft transaction contains their approval and signature. 

Apart from deleting a document and uploading a new to one span again, is there any way of clearing all those filled data and signature and revert a blank document when changing the transaction status to draft. 




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Hi Bikram,


Thanks for your post! According to your description, I believe the only way to revert a blank document is to delete and re-upload the document. This is exactly because of the fact that the agent and vendor have signed the document.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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