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As we know great functionality was added to the solution when the checkbox groping was created, but does it work with the REST API, how do you add the groups and conditions to it, to the call

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Hi Alfredo,


Thanks for your post!

Yes, the grouped checkbox fully supports Restful API. You will find more detailed information in below two blogs:
OneSpan Sign Release 11.44: Grouped Checkboxes

OneSpan Sign Developer: Release 11.46 Overview – Part 2


In terms of the conditions, it natively supports four logics:

  • At least: Enforce the signer to select at least 2 options
  • At most: The signer can choose at most 4 options
  • Range: The signer can select 2 to 4 options among the selections
  • Exactly: The signer have to choose 2 options out of 4 selections

However, the "Conditional Field" feature seems can't be added to the grouped checkbox.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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