Color of the captured hand-drawn signature

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Hi OneSpan team.

I'm capturing the sender's signature in my custom UI. And save it via POST call to "user.signature.handdrawn".

Could you please tell is it possible to store the color (e.g. blue) of the signature and use it further during signing ceremony and in the signed pdf?

I see there is "user.signature.handdrawn.textual.color" field. Could you please tell me what is this field and what is used for?



Reply to: Color of the captured hand-drawn signature

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Hi Illia,


Thank you for sharing your post!

It appears that the "user.signature.handdrawn.textual.color" is reserved and will ignore even when you changed its value. However, if you're looking to apply a color to the signature capture, the OSS now supports uploading an image for the sender's signature starting with version 11.39. This can be done through the following API:

POST /api/account/senders/{senderId}/signature/image.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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