Conditional signing workflow

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Hi there,

I know that OneSpan has a feature to manage document workflow in a single transaction, meaning to adjust the sequence of signing multiple document within single transaction.

Now, let's imagine a situation where from business perspective to send certain document over to recipient does not make any sense and even more than that it will just pollute their email, if another prerequisite document has not been yet signed. Here is an example: Recipient #1 should receive a form(document) to review and sign, Recipient #2 should receive a previously signed form and a contract to sign, while Signer #2 should sign only the contract. Once the Contract is signed, then Recipient #3 should receive both signed documents. It is important to mention, if Recipient #1 did not sign a form, the app should not send a transaction(email) to Recipient #2.

I'm wondering if that is something that can be configured in OneSpan app.



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Hi Stoic,


On top of Document Flow, you can also configure Signer Workflow and specify the certain signing order of multiple signers. In your case, if you set Signer1 at index 1, Signer2 at index 2, Signer3 at index 3, Signer2 won't receive the email until Signer1 has signed all required (vs optional) signatures that has assigned to him/her.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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