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Would there be a way to cordon off "siloed" a Line of Business (e.g. Auto Finance) so that we’d only see Auto Finance templates (and so that other line of businesses wouldn’t be picking through the Auto Finance templates to find theirs). I believe what is being requested is possible with multiple OneSpan accounts under our subscription.  We can have a separate account for each line of business. Then we can have different signings and documents for each line of business. We are testing this in the Sandbox environment by building a shared mailbox for Account #2. How can we test this if an employee can only be in one Onespan account and not in multiple accounts? One we have multiple Onespan accounts, we can add AD groups to just have permission to one account and not the other. Please confirm if this is accurate. We have not used these features yet and I could find limited information online on how to accomplish what we are trying to do. I would greatly appreciate any recommendations on how we can achieve what the business is looking for in Onespan.

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Hey Perkins,


Thanks for your post! If I understood you correctly, your account #1 has sender SSO configured, and you want to create a separate account #2 with similar setup for another line of business. And you are wondering if a sender already exists in account #1, how to move them to account #2? 

If that's the case, there's a function in backoffice allowing to merge senders from account to account. Hence when you are contacting OSS support to provision the account #2 and configure the SAML data, you can also request to merge some senders from account #1.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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