Create Package fails with Client App Authentication

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Create package API is failing with client app authentication whereas the same works with API key.


I used SDK version 11.34 for client app and 11.15 for API key. Can someone please help wth the below issue?

Caused by: com.silanis.esl.sdk.internal.RequestException: HTTP POST on URI resulted in response with status code: [404, Not Found]. Optional details: {"messageKey":"http.status.404","message":"Resource Not Found","code":404,"name":"Resource Not Found"}


Created the ESL Client as below

public EslClient eslClient() {
        return new EslClient(ApiTokenConfig
                //.senderEmail("sender_email")    //no need to specify sender email if type is OWNER 
            , "", false, null, false, new HashMap<String, String>());



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Hi Selva,


Thanks for your post! I did a quick test with a similar setup: Java8 + SDK 11.34 + initiate the EslClient with api token, however I didn't hit the same error at my side. 

I am assuming that your server runs 11.15 SDK with API Key and you are testing in your local with 11.34 SDK with API Token? Can you switch the EslClient initialization in your local between API Token and API Key and see if the 404 error persists - this tells us if the issue is actually API Token related? 

From the error message itself, 404 Resource Not Found error typically happens when the API URL is incorrect (for example if you had a typo in the base URL), however I doubt it's the case in your scenario since the URL is correct both in code and in the error message. I am thinking of another possibility that are you connecting through any proxy or web forwarding server that potentially change the URL behind the scene? Can you call other methods with the same EslClient (e.g. getPackage() like below) and see if you hit the same 404 error?

        DocumentPackage package1 = eslClient.getPackage(new PackageId(""));



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