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Hi, I am translating SDK call to REST API. Attached is the code we use SDK call. I have difficult to find all options or parameter from the website documentation. Could you please provide some sample, how to construct the required payload? Regards, Eugene

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I uploaded a txt file, but it said the file type is not permitted. So I paste the code here DocumentPackage documentPackage = newPackageNamed(dealId).withLanguage(getLanguage()) .withSigner(newSignerWithEmail(email).withCustomId(getSignerId()) .withFirstName(firstName) .withLastName(lastName)) .withDocument(newDocumentWithName(dealId).fromStream(new ByteArrayInputStream(documentPDF), DocumentType.PDF)// .fromFile("c:\\document.pdf") .withId(dealId) // use Deal Id as Document Id .withSignature(SignatureBuilder.captureFor(email) .withSize(180, 40) // // Convert from inches to pixels // = inch * 72 * 1.3 // .atPosition(210, 920) .onPage(0) .withField(FieldBuilder.signatureDate() .onPage(0) .withSize(176.69, 26.312) .atPosition(530, 934)))) .withSettings(DocumentPackageSettingsBuilder.newDocumentPackageSettings() .withoutLanguageDropDown() .withoutWatermark() .withoutDialogOnComplete() .withoutDocumentToolbarDownloadButton() .withoutCaptureText() .withCeremonyLayoutSettings(CeremonyLayoutSettingsBuilder.newCeremonyLayoutSettings() .withIFrame() .withoutTitle() .withoutProgressBar() .withoutSessionBar() .withoutBreadCrumbs() .withoutGlobalConfirmButton() .withoutGlobalDownloadButton() .withoutGlobalNavigation())) .build(); // // Issue the request to the e-SignLive server to create the DocumentPackage // PackageId pkgId = null; try { pkgId = eslClient.createPackage(documentPackage); } catch (EslException e) { } packageId = pkgId.toString(); // // Send the package to be signed by the participants // try { eslClient.sendPackage(pkgId); } catch (EslException e) { }

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Hey Eugene, You can definitely have a look at this blog for a step-by-step tutorial on how to create and send a package in the REST API. It includes the JSON payload format in order to create and send a package. Also, the setting part of the payload would look something like this:
"optOutButton":true,"optOutReasons":["Reason 1","Reason 2","No Reason"]}}
Haris Haidary OneSpan Technical Consultant

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