Create Package without signature

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I want to create a package without a signature.
So Users can only view the document and download it.



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Hi Priyanka9960,


If a recipient was required to review and download the package without actually signing, then this recipient is called "Reviewer" in OneSpan Sign. However, you CANNOT create a completely review-only package, which is to say, at least one signer (or the sender him/herself) needs to sign.

It's very straightforward to add a reviewer to a package - add the signer, but don't assign any signatures to the person:

               .WithSigner(SignerBuilder.NewSignerWithEmail("[email protected]")



But as stated above, you need at least one signature, in which case, one of the options you can follow is to assign accept-only signatures to the sender, and progrommatically sign on behalf of the sender (guide here):

DocumentPackage package = PackageBuilder.NewPackageNamed("Test Package")

           .WithSigner(SignerBuilder.NewSignerWithEmail("[email protected]")
                       .WithFirstName("sender first")
                       .WithLastName("sender last")


               .WithSigner(SignerBuilder.NewSignerWithEmail("[email protected]")


               .WithSigner(SignerBuilder.NewSignerWithEmail("[email protected]")


                                     .WithSignature(SignatureBuilder.AcceptanceFor("[email protected]"))


PackageId packageId = eslClient.CreatePackage(package);

//sign all documents for sender

As always, you need to be aware that progrommatically signing means the audit trail recorded it's your application that signed the documents, not the actual signer.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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