Creating Package from Action and Error Handling

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I have been asked to provide a button action (I assume action since we are Lightning Experience) that will allow users to click on record page to create a Package. I see that there is a rather simple way provided to do this, however I am being asked to receive the status back and write it to the object record that the Package was initiated from. Is there any example of a way to do this, any example code etc.? 

If we did stick with the out of box was to create a transaction from an action what would happen if there was an error? Would the user be informed? What would happen if the user clicked the button repeatedly? Would it create a transaction each time? 

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Hi Scott,


Thanks for your post! Have you tried to add the transaction list view to the object record layout(let's say opportunity)? It lists all the transactions initiated from this object record and already implemented the status change callback:


If you head to object manager -> choose object record -> page layouts -> related list -> you'll find "e-Signlive packages" option


And click on the action button repeatedly will create multiple transactions, all will be listed in the transaction list and can be accessed and managed from there.





Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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