Creating a package that is available for signing without sending notifications

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Hi, Is it possible to create a package with status not draft and then notify a signer at a later point. I have a use case where some signers will need to click a link through an email in order to sign and others will click a link through our portal. I created a package with 2 signers one to sign through an email and the other through the portal using EslClient.createPackage(DocumentPackage). I then tried notifying the email signer using EslClient.getPackageService().notifySigner(PackageId, String, String). An email was sent about the package but when clicking on the link I get the following error: "Access Denied The Package is temporary unavailable. It may be in drafts. Contact the Sender to clarify the situation". I then tried to update the package status to SENT after creation using EslClient.updatePackage(PackageId, DocumentPackage), however, this trigger an email so in the end I got two emails one from updating the package and another from notifySigner. I only want an email to be sent when I notify the signer. Is this possible?

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You have to "send" your package before anyone can sign it. Though, you don't have to send automatic email notifications. You'll have to contact support to disable automatic email notifications on your account. After which, you can use
EslClient.getPackageService().notifySigner(PackageId, String, String)
to notify your signer(s). Also, disabling email notifications is done on an account level. It's not currently possible to disable email notifications for a particular package/signer. Hope this helps!
Haris Haidary OneSpan Technical Consultant

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