Creating a Package with the Salesforce Connector

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I have another question out about installing the Salesforce connector: https://developer.esignlive.com/forums/topic/installing-salesforce-connector/ Once I get an answer there and get everything installed, is there a guide/resource for creating a new package? What about creating a package from a template? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Darin

Reply to: Creating a Package with the Salesforce Connector

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1. For creating a package from new template, go to eSignLive convention create new one Enter the name and field you want to map click on save, convention is saved. 2. Go to 'e-SignLive Templates', and click on New Template Enter template name Go to advanced options, select e-SignLive convention check the box 'Auto prepare text-tags' check 'Insert Salesforce values' radio box 3. Go to e-SignLive packages Click on New Click on radio button 'create from template' select the template you created and it will be automatically added in the package created Check the documents and signers added and send the package for signing. All mentioned signers will get notifications for signing the documents, after signing the documents you can download the documents as needed.

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