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Team, We have a requirement to customize guest signing room. Is there a way to customize the Silanis guest signing room that pops up when a notified signer clicks on link provided in email ? Customization like: Displaying a custom message instead of the package name on login page. Displaying a custom text instead of package name in SMS containing the passcode. Increase in the font, buttons size. Way to add customized branding like how we have in the ceremony page. In the picture attached, is there a way to display custom branding instead of eSignLive (highlighted in orange) If the package is signed using a mobile signing room, we are able to see a Thank you dialog, which is not appearing when done on desktop. Is there a way to display thank you dialog on desktop signing room too ? Uday


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Hi there, Customization of the Signing Ceremony is covered here: https://developer.esignlive.com/guides/feature-guides/signing-ceremony-customization/ Other things such as customizing the SMS text can only be done through support ([email protected]). Essentially, anything you're looking to customize that is not covered in the guide above you will need to send a request to support to check if it is something that is customizable in eSignLive. Hope this helps.
Haris Haidary OneSpan Technical Consultant

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